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Are you prepared for the busy holiday season? | Carlyle Engineering

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Having a well-equipped kitchen is essential to keep up with the demands of the Christmas rush. Dependable and efficient equipment is crucial to ensure your business runs smoothly during this extra busy time.

When your kitchen is prepared and equipped with reliable tools and equipment, you can avoid the pitfalls of lost productivity, frustrated staff, subpar food quality and ultimately, unsatisfied customers.

Below are some valuable tips to help you navigate the holiday season with ease

Equipment Maintenance and Upgrade

  • Schedule equipment repairs and or upgrades ahead of the holiday rush, pre-season servicing is vital, do not leave it until the last minute (November is a great time to book in)
  • Ensure you plan enough time to train staff on how to use any new equipment

Extra Refrigeration

  • Consider adding extra refrigeration such as a cool room or under-counter fridges to accommodate higher food volumes during the Christmas and summer.


  • Invest and upgrade your dishwashing equipment to handle higher demand
  • Consider a powerful glasswasher and, if space allows, opt for a pass-through or hood dishwasher for glassware, dishes, trays and pots

Speed Cook Ovens

Utilise commercial microwave ovens for quick and efficient cooking, baking, reheating and defrosting during busy periods

Vent Cleaning

  • Ensure your kitchen vents are professionally cleaned to prevent build up and potential hazards.
  • Schedule regular cleaning to avoid odours and maintain good air quality

Consult the experts

  • Seek advice from equipment specialists when making replacements or new purchases. Invest in higher-quality, better performing and long-lasting equipment
  • Explore financing options if needed, an equipment specialist can put you in touch with the best financial options available for your business

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