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Carlyle Engineering are manufacturers and importers of a large range of bakery and hospitality equipment. 

Our extensive range of manufactured products includes:

  • Baking trays
  • Baker’s racks
  • Display racks
  • Bread pans
  • Self-cutting pie tins
  • Pie pallets
  • Pastry cutters
  • Cake tins
  • Stainless steel benches
  • Humidity unit
  • Prover rooms
  • Muffin trays and more

As well as our extensive range of standard size stocked product, we also specialize in equipment built to customers specifications. Our expert engineers, welders and sheet metal workers build custom benches, racks, oven trays, muffin trays, cake tins etc.

As well as manufacturing our own bakery and pastry cooks’ equipment and utensils, Carlyle also operates as a direct importer and an agent for other leading manufacturers here in Australia and around the world.

Some baking oven brands we supply include Baxter rack ovens (built in the U.S.A) and Ultima deck ovens - built to Carlyle’s high standards for a perfect bake for bread, pies or cakes. 

We can also supply commercial kitchen and hospitality equipment for restaurants and bakery cafes including dishwashers, refrigeration, ovens, robot coupe and outdoor furniture. 


When the name “Carlyle Engineering” is mentioned, it is immediately linked to the manufacture and supply of a range of quality products and services to the bakery industry.

It is a name with a long history, being founded some 150 years ago and formerly known as W. Fitzgerald & Sons.

The company itself developed back in the early gold rush days when the founder, John Fitzgerald, made all sorts of tin ware and mining equipment, servicing mining communities in the Ballarat area working from a horse drawn wagon.

John was later succeeded by his son, who in turn, handed the business to William Fitzgerald, the grandson of the original founder.

About the turn of the century, the family decided it was time to move to Melbourne and they set up business in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. This factory later extended and moved to Bedford Place, North Melbourne.

In 1935 a second factory was opened in Swanston Street, Carlton, a move which saw the company able to operate right through the depression and being able to sustain employment for a number of men.

When plastic kitchenware came on the scene the premises in North Melbourne was closed. The company then focused on manufacturing quality products for the bakery industry.

In 1970, Lyle Smith bought the company from the Fitzgerald family. Toward the end of the 1970’s and into the early 80’s, the company worked closely with Frank Seton (OA) in developing a range of ‘self-cutting’ pie tins and welding them together, to make pie tin trays.  Our current factory manager Wayne Tracey took the concept and refined it into the Carlyle pie pallet which Frank Seton used in conjunction with his pie meat cooker/depositor to revolutionize pie making for pastry cooks.

In 1985 Lyle bought in his son John as General Manager.  John had run the family repetition engineering business successfully for the past 16 years.  Within months a large factory was purchased at Clayton and all operations were moved there including, the repetition engineering business “De Luxton Engineering”.

In 1986 the company name Fitzgerald & Sons was changed.  The company that had operated continuously for well over a hundred years had a new name, Carlyle Engineering Pty Ltd. The company was in its manufacturing ‘hay day’, producing thousands of pie pallets, hundreds of baker’s racks and many other product lines for Bakers and Pastry cooks.

In the 1990’s Carlyle acquired the Rota Bake business and began building rack ovens, cool room paneling provers and humidity units for the provers.  The company also expanded into the importation, sale and servicing of bakery machinery including spiral mixers, planetary mixers, pastry sheeters and bread slicers.  The company has continued to expand its range of imported products with the recent addition of the Ultima deck ovens, built exclusively for Carlyle, to suit the needs of Australian bakers, and the Baxter Rack oven from the U.S.A. imported by Hobart but sold exclusively in Victoria and Tasmania by Carlyle. Another recent addition is our Bun Divider/Rounder designed and built for Carlyle in Asia which is equal or better in quality of build and performance to anything out of Europe.  These beautifully designed quality machines are the best value for money on the market today.

Carlyle Engineering to this day is still owned and run by John Smith, Carlyle (Lyle) Smith’s son.

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