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What size rounding plate do I need? | Carlyle Engineering

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Every Bun divider rounder is different and even though bun rounding plates look similar, there are important differences between the plates to help you identify which one you require.

Steps to identify:

1. Firstly, identify the make and model of the machine

2. On your existing plate, look for a code stamped on the top left-hand corner (it is common for this stamp to wear away with use).

3. Measure your existing plate, firstly from the centre of the pin to the bottom of the plate (see vertical blue arrow in images) and note measurement down.

4. Measure from the widest edge to edge (see horizontal line in images) and note measurement down.

5. Measure the diameter of the pin hole on the plate, or if this is worn, measure the pin on your machine and note it down.

6. What is the orientation of the rounding moulds, they will be arranged in a diamond or square shape in the centre of the plate. (See yellow square in images).

7. Lastly, how many bun moulds are on the plate? 

Once you have all of this information feel free to call or email our Sales team to discuss what is the right rounding plate for your make and model machine.