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Bun Moulding Plates

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Bun Moulding Plates 

We stock moulding plates to suit the following machines:

  • Erika
  • Fortuna 
  • Eberhardt
  • Matchless
  • Dr. Robot
  • Kemper
  • Daub & Verhoeven

Other makes available P.O.A.


Food Grade Red Plastic

Capacity 30 pieces 

Made in Germany

Original and Best in Quality

How do I identify which moulding plate I need?

1. Check your machine make and model 

2. Check the size by looking for a number stamped in the top left hand corner 

3. Does your plate have a square shape or diamond shape in the centre or 'ears' on the side?  

Bun Moulding plates

Care instructions 

To ensure your boards last as long as possible please follow the simple care instructions below :

  • Make sure your machine is adjusted correctly for the thickness of the board 
  • Do not allow your boards to ride up on the locating stops or pin
  • Check that your boards fit neatly into your machine with little movement 
  • DO NOT wash your boards in hot water, wash them regularly in warm water 
  • Store your boards on a flat surface or hang them on a wall 
  • Do not dry your boards in a proofer or oven 
  • Do not freeze your boards