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Vito FT440

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VITO® FT 440  Oil Tester

The FT 440 is a food oil quality testing/monitor and temperature measurement system, including probe, case & instructions. It easily, quickly and reliably determines the quality of your oil so you never change your oil too early or too late – optimising your oil life, savings and food quality!

  • Measure the quality and temperature of your oil
  • Change your oil at the right time
  • Quick and reliable measuring results
  • Supports HACCP quality standards
  • Ergonomic and sturdy design 
  • High degree of protection 
  • Clear alarms via on top alarm light using the traffic light principle  

Saves on wastage and always maintains optimum oil quality with easy to understand ‘stop light‘ colour coding;

GREEN –     Oil Quality Good.
ORANGE – Oil is Nearing the End of Useful Life.
RED –         Change Oil Immediately

To optimize the benefit of the FT 440, combine it with suitable VITO oil filter system.


Dimensions: W 54 x 22 x H 314 mm

Measuring range TPM: 0 - 40% TPM

Measuring range: 50°C  - 200°C 

Accuracy: ±2.0 % TPM

Battery: 3V Lithium