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Meiko Point 2 FV130.2 Pot and Utensil Washer

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Meiko Point 2 FV130.2 Pot & Utensil Washer 

Purpose-built and technically advanced machines, designed to handle one of the toughest tasks in the kitchen. The FV 130.2 utensil washers are equipped with the very latest state of the art MIKE 2 fully electronic control system. Oscillating washing arms, combined with a practical and well proven rotary final rinse system, produce the best results ever. The well thought-out door design provides first class access to the washing chamber, allowing all types and sizes of pots and pans, GN containers, trays, cooking utensils, storage boxes and crates, and much, much, more!

Key Features:

  • MIKE 2 control
  • Infrared interface for wireless communication Leakage detector
  • Soft start
  • Wash arm drive
  • Boiler safety device
  • Drain pump
  • Automatic self-cleaning when tank is drained Aqua-Stop system
  • Back wall cladding


Entry height H 740 mm

Rack dimensions 850 x 700 mm

Rack capacity up to 30 racks/h

Dimensions H 1835 mm, W 1030 mm, D 895 mm

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