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Meiko Point 2 DV270.2 Utensil Washing Machine

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Meiko Point 2 DV270.2 Utensil Washing Machine 

The DV 270.2 works faster, more systematically and almost effortlessly. It is designed from top to toe for its special cleaning tasks. This is because Meiko have taken exceptional steps to ensure that it lives up to its promises. And it promises a lot, e.g. washing pots of all types and sizes, kitchen equipment, gastro-norm containers, baking trays and other utensils which are difficult to clean. Also transportation containers from the catering industry, airline containers, kitchen equipment of all kinds in canteens, dining halls, hospitals and clinics.

Key Features:

  • MIKE 2 control
  • Infrared interface for wireless communication Leakage detector
  • Soft start
  • Wash arm drive
  • Boiler safety device
  • Drain pump
  • Automatic self-cleaning when tank is drained
  • Aqua-Stop system


Passing height H 650 mm

Rack dimensions 1310 x 690 mm

Rack capacity up to 30 racks/hour

 H 1842 mm x W 1490 (1600) x D 995 (1100) mm (with hood rod)

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