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SKOPE ReFlex 2 Solid Door Upright GN 2/1 Compatible Fridge & Freezer RF8.UPC.2.SD

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Skope ReFlex 2 Solid Door Upright GN 2/1 Compatible Fridge & Freezer Combo RF8.UPC.2.SD

This is the ReFlex that offers it all. A combo upright food storage fridge and freezer with quick pre-set ideal temperature ranges you can set from your mobile device. It also offers maximum volume (517 litres x 2) with maximum toughness. Save money upfront and then enjoy lower power bills every month with this ultra efficient model. 

Key Features:

  • Unlock the power of SKOPE-connect, including its enhanced “product type” pre-sets – simply press a button to switch between general food safe, poultry, red meat, fresh seafood, live seafood, dairy and desserts temperature ranges
  • 304 Stainless Steel body and SKOPE design quality ensure tough durability for back of house duties
  • Reduce costs with cutting-edge power economy
  • Experience peace of mind with a natural refrigerant that has virtually no impact on the environment
  • Easy-to-service refrigeration cartridge system
  • Premium-look contemporary design promotes usability and modern working environment for staff
  • Best suited to: Restaurants / Cafes, Clubs / Pubs / Bars, Quick Service Restaurants, Hospitality / Venues, Accommodation, Schools, Medical / Aged Care


Dimensions: H 2035 mm x W1400 mm x D 820 mm

Doors 2 × self-closing, lockable, solid swing doors. LH, RH

Internal door opening 2 × door openings: 1415mm high × 545mm wide

Shelves 10 × adjustable height shelves: 530mm wide × 595mm deep

Worktop n.a.

Material 304 AISI stainless steel interior and exterior

Max. ambient temp. 40°C

Temperature range Fridge:1°C to 4°C (adjustable with SKOPE-connect -2°C to 10°C)

Freezer: -21°C to -18°C (adjustable with SKOPE-connect -26°C to -12°C)

Total energy consumption 9.36 kWh/24hr

Climate class 5 (40°C/40% RH)

Interior lighting 2 × 1200mm, 12W LED light (door activated)

Power cord Supplied with 1 × 2.9m, 10 Amp plug and lead

Power supply Current draw 220-240 Volts a.c. 50 Hz, single phase supply 6.0 Amps (includes units 1.5 Amps and 3.9 Amps)

Controller 2 × SCS Connect (SKOPE-connectTM compatible)

Connectivity interface Bluetooth® wireless technology

Refrigeration system: Top mounted, integral, removable refrigeration cartridge (UTKCNI-0017), and top mounted, integral, removable freezer cartridge (UTKDNI-0019)

Refrigerant Fridge: R290 / 70g, Freezer: R290 / 94g (natural refrigerant)

Nominal capacity Fridge: 450 Watts, Freezer: 550 Watts