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Zummo Juicer - Z40 Nature Adapt

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Zummo Juicer - Z40 Nature Adapt (Benchtop)

Restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, juice stores.. the Zummo Food Service line of juicers has been designed to provide service in any type of establishment. 

The Z40 juicer is the perfect juicer for mass catering and establishments where juice consumption is high.

The Z40 model comes with a 20kg fruit basket and can squeeze 40 fruits per minute with a container capacity of 30L. 


  • EVS advanced juice extraction system (mimics the hand squeezing process) 
  • Adapt tap - choose between continuous and self service mode 
  • Automatic Pulp filter 
  • High juice extraction speed 
  • Stainless Steel containers or chutes 

Why Zummo is the best?

  • More than OJ: The machine can handle all types of citrus fruit including Oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines, pomegranates and grapefruit.
  • Zero Contamination: the machine does not damage the peel and the juice does not run over it, thus producing oil-free, bitter-free juice
  • Not a drop wasted: High yield, with practically all the juice extracted. The Zummo juicer makes optimum use of the fruit for maximum returns on your investment.
  • Watch the process: The only machines on the market that allow the entire juicing process to be seen, attracting customers and encouraging consumption.


  • Fruit per minute: 40
  • Weight: 81.5kg
  • Bin capacity: 30L (2 x 15L)
  • Basket capacity: 20kg
  • Fruit diameter: M (53-76 mm) L ( 64-88mm); XL (77-100 mm) Opt: 40-60mm
  • Measurements: 980 H x 595 W x 550 D mm
  • Protection/Safety: Blocking sensors
  • Programmer: Yes
  • Filter: Automatic 
  • Motor: Single-phase 0.5 CV
  • Voltage: 230 V – 50 Hz. 220 V – 60 Hz. 110 V – 60 Hz.
  • Consumption: 410 W 
  • Standby System: Yes 2.4 W