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NEW CARLYLE BREAD PANS | Carlyle Engineering

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Carlyle is proud to announce we are now manufacturing bread pans sets right here in our Melbourne factory! 

Lighten the load in your kitchen without sacrificing quality. By using Carlyle Bread Pans, you could save a whopping 50kg of dead weight per bakery trolley!

Carlyle bread pans have been designed to be lighter and easier to clean. Our tins are pressed rather then cut and folded making them 30% lighter than most other bread pans and with no seams and a high quality Teflon coat - nothing is left behind, saving you time and effort in cleaning up. 

Incredibly durable, Carlyle tins are both light and strong 

Our new Carlyle Bread Pans are manufactured from aluminised steel, including the brace which has been designed with a formed rib for extra strength. 

 Care instructions: Check out our blog post here - 'Looking after your Teflon coated equipment'

All the standard sizes are available with drop on lids to suit.