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Looking after your Teflon coated equipment | Carlyle Engineering

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Teflon coating is a time-saver for the busy cook and baker, even given the amount of care that is required to keep the non-stick coating in great condition.
See below our guidelines for daily use and with a little TLC, you’ll enjoy your Teflon coated pans or trays for a longer period of time.
  • “Burning in” is not a requirement for Teflon and should be avoided
  • Carlyle coated pan and trays should never be used without product on or in them. If pans / trays or lids are used without product, (or product contact in the case of lids) the coating efficiency can be reduced by up to 100% through heat degradation.
  • Baked products should be removed from teflon coated pans and trays immediately after baking.
    This will avoid cooling steam from the product penetrating the topcoat. If this occurs, it may cause premature coating failure where the top coats lifts away. This damage will result in your product sticking.
  • Baking temperatures should be kept below 245 C to avoid coating degradation and thermal breakdown.
  • Pans / Trays should be stored in racks or cross stacked where possible. Nesting Pan sets or trays inside one another may cause damage to the Teflon.
  • The use of scrapers, cutting implements, tools and or machinery parts is to be avoided to prevent scratches and abrasions to the coating.
  • Cleaning of Pans / Trays should never be immersed in water or other solutions and never stored in a Prover.
  • Not recommended to be used with fruit based products as this will limit the life span of the coating.  
  • After use, Pans / Trays should be wiped over with a mildly damp cloth as part of daily cleaning for small to medium sized bakeries.  Once dry, store the Pans / Trays upside down in a warm / dry storage area.