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Roband Grill Station / Sandwich Press

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The modern stylish Roband Grill range sets the benchmark for commercial contact grills and is available in six or eight slice modules. 

These versatile units rapidly toast sandwiches, paninis and focaccias, in addition to producing beautifully seared and grilled tender meat, poultry and fish.

Featuring elements embedded directly into smooth, precision cast aluminium plates, the cooking surface produces an even, extremely efficient heat transfer ensuring food is cooked rapidly with even colouration.

The Roband Grill Station truly is a must-have for cafés, restaurants, takeaways, sandwich shops or anywhere that toasting and / or grilling is required. Made in Australia - Built to Last!


  • Six or eight sandwich capacity
  • Quality high pressure die-cast aluminium cooking plates with cast-in elements for efficient, directional and effective heat transfer
  • Precise thermostat for controlling cooking temperature
  • Even temperature distribution across each plate and between the top and bottom plates
  • Ability to switch between top and bottom plate operation or bottom plate only operation
  • A counter-balanced top plate and an arched handle makes operating the Grill Station easy
  • Easy one-handed loading and unloading of food while the top plate stays open half way
  • Food quality and appearance is protected from over compression by the counter balanced and self levelling top plate
  • High splash guard with top plate always positioned over bottom plate ensuring grease and crumbs fall onto bottom plate
  • Small counter space requirement
  • Front positioned grease collection box for easy removal and cleaning
  • Angled control panel for clear visibility of settings
  • 5 minute Manual Timer with warning bell
  • Electronic Timer models with 4 individually adjustable pre-set times available (up to 10 minutes)
  • Includes one premium Spatula


Model GSA610S

Dimensions: 435 x 490 x 228mm

Bottom plate dimensions: 375 x 275mm 

Slices No: 6

Timer: Manual 

Top Plate: Smooth 

Power: 2200 Watts, 9.6 Amps


Model GSA810S

Dimensions: 560 x 490 x 228mm

Bottom plate dimensions: 500 x 275mm

Slices No: 8

Timer: Manual 

Top Plate: Smooth 

Power: 2300 Watts, 10 Amps