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Carlyle Humidity Unit

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Carlyle Humidity Unit 

Puts you in control of temperature and humidity for perfect proving conditions. 

  • Ideal for cool room
  • Easy to use controls with digital read out temperature controller and numbered dial humidity controller 
  • Fan circulates air evenly through the racks from ceiling to floor 
  • Oven temperature cut- out to prevent element burn out 
  • Ability to flush water tank of salt, the biggest cause of prover failure 
  • Mounts on the wall inside prover, 300mm off the floor 
  • Connects via flexible hose to water outlet 
  • Manufactured from high grade stainless steel 


  • Digital Read Out Temperature Controller
  • Numbered Dial Humidity Controller
  • Mounts on the Wall Inside Prover 300mm off the floor
  • Fan Forced to Ensure Circulation of Humidified Air
  • Programmable Temperature Range: 10°C to 50°C
  • Dimensions Width: 340mm x Depth 480mm x Height 1240mm
  • Power Requirements: 3 Phase & Neutral 10 amps per phase

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