Birnbaum Plastic Proofing Baskets

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Each proving basket has some 80+ "vents", which allows the dough skin to breath during proofing, for better crust appearance and development. This also aids in easily releasing the dough from the basket, prior to baking. 

The basket coils provide a beautiful shape and décor for a traditional hearth loaf look and each rim has delicate grooves enabling flour to stay firmly in place, when flouring the baskets.

PBPL23 (LONG) -  230 x 140 mm (500g dough) 
PBPL26 (LONG) - 260 x 140 mm (750g dough)
PBPL29 (LONG) - 290 x 130 mm (750g dough) 
PBPL34 (LONG) - 340 x 140 mm (1000g dough) 
PBPL40 (LONG) - 400 x 145 mm (1250-1500g dough) 
PBPO21 (OVAL) - 210 x 150 mm (500g dough)
PBPO25 (OVAL) - 250 x 150 mm (750g dough)
PBPO26 (OVAL) - 265 x 170 mm (1000g dough) 
PBPR20 (ROUND) - 200 mm (500-750g dough) 
PBPR23 (ROUND) - 230 mm (1000g dough)
PBPR27 (ROUND) - 270 mm (1500-2000g dough)