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HOBART PROFI Glass and Dishwasher AMXXL

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HOBART PROFI Glass and Dishwasher AMXXL

The PROFI model for reliable washing of glasses and dishes.

  • Hood-type dishwasher for straight through or corner operation
  • Nominal capacity up to 70 racks/h or 1,680 plates/h (with optional P-XL rack) or 2,520 glasses/h, 560 sheets/h, 140 1/1 GN-boxes/h, 70 EN-boxes/h
  • Large chamber with 660 x 500 mm usable space
  • Extra large loading height of 540 mm
  • 6 automatic cycles: short, standard, intensive, starch-removal, permanent, hygiene
  • Multi-Setting: booster capacity may be reduced from 12.4 kW to 6.2 kW if connected with hot water
  • Heat and noise insulated hood
  • Strainer soil sensor
  • Refill signal (detergent / rinse aid)
  • Self-cleaning programme
  • USB-interface for comfortable download of operational data
  • Ready to install - completely equipped: fill / drain hose, electrical cable, detergent dispenser, rinse aid dispenser, rinse pump, drain pump and back-flow preventer
  • Tank, frame, wash / rinse arms and panels are stainless steel 1,4301
  • 1 plate rack P-18-12
  • 1 tray rack T-06-09
  • 1 cutlery rack C-01-07

Key Features:

  • XL wash chamber: the large hood and chamber provide best wash results, e.g. for
    - up to 24 plates/rack
    - up to 8 sheets 600 x 400 mm
    - up to 8 trays 660 x 500 mm
    - up to 2 1/1 GN-boxes
  • VISIOTRONIC-TOUCH control: colour touchscreen (displays text and graphic) in conjunction with single-button control and remaining cycle time indication
  • WASHSMART app: controlling your warewash operation with smart technology: status and messages, usage and operating costs, hygiene, service and consumables order
  • SENSO-ACTIVE resource management: constantly measures the quality of the wash water and keeps the amount of rinsing neededin each rinse cycle to the minimum in order to guarantee a fully hygienic wash result.
  • Exhaust energy storage: the fully enclosed 4-sided hood keeps steam and energy inside the system: energy saving up to 3 kW, less humidity in the kitchen area and better hygienic conditions.
  • CLIP-IN wash and rinse arms: wash and rinse arms can be removed with one hand and without any tools.
  • USB-interface: download of operational data via USB
  • GENIUS-X² fine filter system: advanced filter system with prewash function reduces detergent consumption up to 35 %.
  • ROTOR-X wash system: separate rotating upper & lower 4-spoke wash arms deliver dynamic wash power.
  • VAPOSTOP (optional): prevents vapour escapingfrom the machine when the hood is opened.
  • Intelligent energy management: the available energy is used continuously. Thus, at a low total loading value the heating time gets reduced.
  • Interlocked strainer: prevents operation without tank strainer.
  • EASY-CLEAN concept: blue markings in the machine help the operator to identify the components which require cleaning.


Dimensions: H1610 mm (2195 Hood Open) x W 813 x D 815-915 mm

Loading height: 540 mm

Rack Size: 500 x 500 / 600 x 600 mm

Nominal Capacity: 70 racks / h

Cycle Times: 52 / 75 / 180 sec and special cycles

Water consumption: 2.5 l/rack

Tank capacity:  40L

Tank heating: 2.5 kW

Power Supply: 415 / 50 / 3N

Max. water supply temperature : 60 degrees  

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