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Inferno Charcoal Oven - Alto

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The Alto is the larger of the two Charcoal Ovens available from Inferno

Designed and manufactured in South Africa, this amazing 3 in 1 oven can be fuelled by charcoal or wood and can bake, grill and smoke. 

Extremely versatile in it's ability to cook different types of food, it can achieve heats of 300°C + in as little as 20 minutes, meaning steaks and pizzas take just a couple of minutes, flatbreads and vegetables less than 60 seconds, and whole ducks or 1kg chickens can be roasted in 20 minutes! 

The cooking temperature can be set to anywhere from 100°C to 450°C allowing every type of cooking, from baking to roasting to slow roasting to grilling. Unlike other charcoal ovens on the market INFERNO OVEN can be fuelled with wood, instead of charcoal, for an extra smoky flavour.

Compact, easy to maintain and with a rust-proof outer, it really is the the oven for every business, the perfect choice for food trucks, restaurants, lodges, hotels, and outdoor kitchens.

Why an Inferno Charcoal Oven? 

  • Cooks 40% faster than an open grill
  • Can be fuelled by charcoal or wood 
  • Versatile - can cook all types of food including meat, fish, chicken, seafood, vegetables, bread, pizzas and desserts 
  • Compact design means it easily fits in any size kitchen
  • Fully insulated door and walls prevent heat from escaping into kitchen
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain 
  • Designed and handcrafted in South Africa 


  • H 1211 x W 621 x D 660mm


  • Fire up time: +/- 25mins
  • Charcoal consumption: +/- 3-4 kgs every 4 hours 
  • Optimal Cooking temperature: +/- 250 degrees C
  • 100-120 Diners

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