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Pastry Sheeter - Floor Model - BT502F

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Pastry Sheeter - Floor Model BT502F
Suitable for small patisseries and large industrial bakeries alike, a pastry sheeter is used for thinning out balls of dough. Most commonly, they are used for pizza crusts, flatbreads, pie crusts, pastry dough and cake fondant that is needed in large quantities.

All our pastry sheeters are designed for simple operation and are guarded to comply with Australian Safety Standards. 

  • Gap between rollers - 40mm Max 
  • Slide out pastry catching trays 
  • Aluminium roll up pin 
  • Safety guards 
  • Flour Tray 

2 sizes available : 

Large Floor Model 
3 Phase 415V 1Hp
Belt Size 630mm x 2400mm
Overall Dimensions
L2480mm x W910mm

Medium Floor Model 
3 Phase 415V .5Hp
Belt Size 515mm x 2000mm
Overall Dimensions
L2100mm x W800mm

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