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How to increase the lifespan of your Kitchen Equipment? | Carlyle Engineering

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Follow these Service tips and tricks to get the most out of your Bakery & Commercial Kitchen Equipment: 

1. Check your seals 

If your equipment has any kind of seal, check they are in good condition. Seals on bakers fridges for example should be replaced every 2 years. Damaged seals could mean less efficient equipment and higher energy bills. 

2. Deep clean your equipment regularly

In our experience, a good deep clean is all it takes to get your machine operating efficiently again. To save money on a call out fee and potentially unnecessary parts due to wear and tear from build-up, maintain a cleaning schedule for your equipment and train your staff how to properly clean the equipment too.

3. Keep a service register on all your equipment

You can’t remember everything, you are running a business after all! Keeping a record of when your equipment was last serviced and any parts replaced helps you recognise when to need to book your next service and any repetitive issues.

4. Partner with a reliable equipment and service retailer

Carlyle Bakery & Hospitality offer quality end-to-end Service. We can help with preventative & breakdown service, spare parts, loan equipment and even trade-ins. Give us a call or fill out the form on our website here to book in.