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What you can check before requesting a Service | Carlyle Engineering

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Imagine the frustration when a piece of machinery breaks down, bringing your whole production to a standstill. The panic kicks in, and instinctually, you reach for the phone to call for help (hopefully it's us).

Here's a handy checklist to go through before making that call. It could save you tons of time and money...

1. Review the machines manual 

Refer to the manual before troubleshooting for potential solutions and important safety information on your machine

2. Deep clean your equipment

Eliminating debris build-up could enhance the functionality of your machine, and could just be the thing it needs to start operating efficiently again

3. Check if there has been any interruption to your water or power

This is a biggie, and one we come across a lot. To dodge an unnecessary call out fee, scope out your mains supply before picking up the phone

4. Define the performance issue

Upon calling, share the details of the equipment's issues. Knowing what it's doing or not doing could help us assist you over the phone, potentially eliminating the need for a technician to visit. 
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